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Stockholding Service

Having recognised a “gap” in the steel supply market BSS Steelstrip is now able to offer small quantities of spring steel strip from stock.

 Whilst steel mills regularly insist on minimum order quantities of up to 5 tons, and stockholders upwards of a ton, we have recognised the need of smaller engineering companies who may require as little as a single sheet to complete a project, or to replace a part in an ageing piece of plant.

 It can be frustrating and time consuming for an engineer to spend hours on the telephone trying to source small quantities of spring steel, only to find the supplier loses interest the moment he realises the small quantity involved. To be honest it’s as a big a problem often for the supplier as for the customer! Not for us!

 Here at BSS we won’t turn you away, we are pleased to hear from you and pleased to help. We can supply from 1 sheet to half a ton. Just email us your enquiry; we will make our best offer. Material is delivered worldwide by TNT with “online tracking”, and to make the process even easier you can pay by credit card!

 Sourcing small quantities of spring steel need not be a “painful” experience call or email us today

      Hard Rolled Annealed Hardened and Tempered Hardened and Tempered
mm inches CS4 CS70 CS80 type 420 stainlesstainless
  0.200 0.008      
  0.250 0.010    
  0.300 0.012    
  0.380 0.015    
  0.400 0.016    
  0.460 0.018    
  0.500 0.020  
  0.610 0.024  
  0.710 0.028    
  0.810 0.032  
  0.910 0.036  
  1.000 0.039
  1.220 0.048
  1.420 0.056  
  1.500 0.059    
  1.600 0.063    
  1.630 0.064  
  1.830 0.072  
  2.000 0.079
  2.350 0.093    
  2.640 0.104  
  3.000 0.118
  3.250 0.128    
  4.76 0.187      
  6.35 0.250      

Stainless Spring Steel Strip Type 301 hard rolled from 0.010 to 0.25mm

For small quantities we are able to accept paypal or credit card payments

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